About Us

PREGASTYLE is a maternity lifestyle company designed to provide the latest trends in Maternity without spending a fortune.

While we were founded first as an online maternity resale store, PREGASTYLE is more than just an online clothing store. We also pride ourselves for being an accepting community of mothers. As parents ourselves, we know what expecting moms want and need. So through our firsthand experience, we bring you the online storefront you see today.

Our mission is to bring convenience, affordability and style to expecting mothers. It is our duty to bring you the best maternity apparel out there, but at low costs! We promote a maternity lifestyle company that connects and empowers expecting moms so they can look and feel beautiful, without spending a fortune.

We buy and sell high-quality and gently-used maternity clothes. Through our commitment to quality, low price points, and community we wish to show expecting moms the love, attention and maternity store they deserve!