How To Sell Us Your Gently-Used Maternity Clothing

Is your closet full of unwanted maternity clothing? We will gladly take them off your hands!

Pregastyle is the easiest and most convenient way to convert your maternity clothing and accessories into cash. In order to receive the maximum cash payout for your maternity items, moms must adhere to our Quality Standards by sending us items on our expectation list found here and specific maternity clothing brands found here.


The Steps To Selling:

  1. Click here to request a free Clutter Bag Kit today. This kit includes a self-addressed, pre-paid shipping bag that is large enough to fill a large storage bin.
  2. Clear out your closet.
  3. Look out for items that we are looking for at this time and these specific maternity clothing brands.
  4. Fill your Clutter Bag Kit with your unwanted and gently-used items that meet our expectations.
  5. Ship your Clutter Bag Kit.
  6. Wait patiently to hear back from us with the news of your approved sale.
  7. Get paid for cleaning up your clutter!


Please feel free to reach out to us for more details about our clothing expectations and for details of the selling process.