Your Changing Body: Dressing During Your Pregnancy

Many first-time mothers will be the first to tell you that they had absolutely no idea what to expect when they first learned they would be welcoming a little one into the world. Not only do you have to begin preparing for the many changes that are going to occur in your life once the baby arrives, but you must do this at the exact same time you are dealing with many changes to your own body. It’s important to understand from the get-go that your body is not going to stay the same as you grow another life inside of it. So let’s talk about the one thing that looms in every woman’s mind as she anticipates the arrival of her newborn: weight gain.

Gaining Weight During Your Pregnancy: When & How Much

Every single woman will gain weight at a different rate throughout her pregnancy. The amount you gain as well as when you gain it will depend on a great number of things. These different factors are things like your metabolism, how active you are on a daily basis, your genetics and more. With that being said, there is a standard weight gain guideline that was developed by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that can be consulted if you are concerned about the amount of weight you are gaining during your pregnancy. This guideline is as follows:

First trimester

During the first trimester, your baby is still extremely small. This means that at the very most, you are looking at gaining five pounds. On the other hand, many women find that they don’t experience any weight gain at all during the first trimester as they are experiencing morning sickness. If this sounds like you, there is no need to worry as you will likely make up for that weight gain in your second trimester.

Second trimester

This is the period of your pregnancy in which you will notice the biggest change in your size and in the size of your baby. By the end of this trimester, you will likely have gained an additional 14 to 20 pounds since the end of your first trimester.

Third trimester

The third trimester is the most unpredictable of the three as many women experience many different things where their weight is concerned. While some soon-to-be moms will gain an additional 10 or so pounds, other mothers find that they do not gain any additional weight once their second trimester is over. Additionally, some women will find that they have lost weight in the third trimester as limited space in the abdomen make eating much more difficult.

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